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spring awakenings

2017 March 24
by Rachel Turiel

Our yard is in a state of anticipation. The trees are swollen with buds. The chives and lemon balm have just broken the surface, sending up leafy green scouts from the underground. Tiny, new calendula, lettuce and arugula are blinking into the light. Everything is dainty and tentative. (Except the dandelions, who as usual, are unfurling leaf upon leaf upon grocery sack of leaves).

And we are off to the Sonoran Desert to camp for a week. As Rosie says, we’re excited about family time, adventure and travel snacks. In fact, Rosie’s peak vacation experience may have already occurred in the energy bar section of the grocery store yesterday.

Col is looking forward to the Pima Air and Space Museum; Dan’s got some desert birds on his list; and I am hoping to soothe my mind on some desert wildflowers. And, crazy, but in Southern Arizona, it’s the end of their growing season—peak harvest—and there are farmer’s markets every day in Tucson. I told Dan we could probably skip the far away Tuesday market if we can get to the markets on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Here are some things I’ve written elsewhere:

My Edible Southwest Colorado page (food and stuff)

What Col and I learned about diversity

Col’s been taking Aikido.

Possibly for the sole purpose of learning to throw his sister:

Happy earliest spring everyone,


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  1. Fine permalink
    March 25, 2017

    Ok, so I followed the link to your articles on the Edible Southwest page and read a few, the last being the one about the squirrel roadkill. I then went to our car to get a few more wood briquettes I bought today (still cold at night here in southern Germany). When I came back to our house and had already opened the door, I heard something rustling in the dried leaves 1 meter to the right, and saw a squirrel! Since we live in the city (although we purposely have a very wild and overgrown garden), it has been years since I saw one near our house, and I think I never saw one that close. So great! It was very calm and continued to sift through the fallen down hazelnuts from last year and did seem very undisturbed by my presence. I loved to watch it! Of course, when I went inside to get my camera and came back, it slowly hopped away before I could get a good picture. Yesterday while working in the garden I saw a hedgehog, today a robin and the squirrel, the bishopsweed and wild garlic is coming up, yes, spring is here!
    Wishing you a very wonderful week in the desert!

  2. March 25, 2017

    wildflowers soothe my mind, too. i’m excited about col’s new pursuit!

  3. Jennifer permalink
    March 27, 2017

    I would highly suggest a visit to the Sonoran Desert Museum if you haven’t already been. Enjoy!

  4. March 28, 2017

    feeble ilg loves Col
    and all the 10,000 Sentient Beings who – like feeble ilg –
    are thus Graced by their current kickass incarnation.

    that is all.

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