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the sweet in-between

2021 February 26
by Rachel Turiel

It’s that time of straddling two seasons, where part of me is like, bucketloads more snow would be fantastic, but if not, can I get started planting every inch of our garden? But it appears neither is happening, at least not for the foreseeable future.

And, it’s that sweet in-between season, the long pause, that finger-tapping anticipation of everything bursting forth. But, not yet. And, actually, because I’m not distracted by pursuing the grandma-esque dopamine rush of xc skiing, nor tending to a daycare of seedlings, each chirping for my attention, others things come into view.

Every day I cheer on the robins as they strip our crabapples top to bottom, like their own ear of corn. Though the greens in our cold frames outside aren’t yet eating-size, they’re actually growing rather than hanging on, pissed and bewildered. Each slight increase in temperature and day length is deliciously noticeable. Our dinnertime–in which we all sample from the full emotional palette just by being four interconnected humans convening for thirty goddamned minutes, now features sunsets in the background, rather than a drape of darkness.

This greenhouse calendula just gave me a dopamine rush.

Rose and I are both working on new websites. Hers is called Sip. Savor. Satisfied. Featuring delicious, homemade drinks like this spinach-banana smoothie.

Also, I just switched a few technological pieces concerning notifications, so I’m hoping this has made it to your inbox. Feel free to drop a note in the comment section to let me know.

Meanwhile, I’ve read some excellent books, When Stars are Scattered, a graphic novel memoir that will make you cry, first with grief then with relief; The Knockout Queen, which was perfect fiction: captivating, surprising, triumphant, heartbreaking and full of humanity. And now I’m just sad that I can’t read it for the first time ever again. And, The Beauty in Breaking, the gorgeous, honest memoir of a Black, female ER doc. Oh, and Beast in the Garden, a non-fiction book about mountain lions encroaching on human settlements (or, is it the other way around?), and written with such suspense and excellent storytelling that Col is now reading it as if it’s some Stephen King novel.

And, classes! Now that I’m teaching online, and you may not actually live next door, I would love to meet you in one of my two upcoming nonviolent communication classes. One is for parents of teens and tweens, and one is a practice group which will turn your world inside out and sprinkle your life with power and liberation. Check ’em out.


Dan’s latest very cool project. Yes, that is a deer tail. Stay tuned.

Col’s oil painting of the great Ali. 

Oh, and before I got some technological help I wrote this post about our grinch-free holidays, which you may not have seen.

Sending so much love and care, because goodness knows, we all need it,


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  1. Pamela J Marshall permalink
    February 26, 2021

    30 goddamned minutes!
    I love you, Rachel!

  2. February 27, 2021

    Col’s painting is incredible!!
    And this post showed up in my Blogger feed, so I’d say your technical difficulties are fixed (although the January 4 post showed up for me too).

  3. February 27, 2021

    hey you, I am reporting in to say that I found the post in my feedly, but not yet in my email. Just to provide some feedback for the feeding of the feed.

  4. Valeta permalink
    March 1, 2021

    your perfectly-heart-minded-voice-imperfectly-embodied-life … a mirror I value w all my heart

    comes into my email (yes!) as the sun, lighting my heart body with goodness, humor, real living

    thank you for a brilliant thread of a life-enhancing-gift … to y(our) world of friends

    love to you, Rachel, and always your beloveds

  5. Brenda permalink
    March 1, 2021

    I enjoyed this post and am quite impressed by your kids art and creative skills! Awesome!

  6. Emily Jensen permalink
    March 1, 2021

    This made it to my inbox! Thx, Rachel.

  7. Jackie permalink
    March 2, 2021

    Those 30 goddamn minutes make and break me. (The 2 hours of prep and cleanup are worth the 30 though)

  8. Nancy permalink
    March 2, 2021

    Success to my inbox! Thank you for enriching my day.

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