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Despite interloping rats, parents with homeschooling agendas, and sisters who feel emboldened to doodle on artwork that doesn’t belong to them, Col has spent much of the past five months working on a series of airplane drawings. Working? Well, he might say he’s simply been sketching. Sketching on the couch, under the table, in his bed, sketching so constantly, eagerly and almost involuntarily, it’s like his hand has its own plan and Col is just along for the ride.

(I’m sorry the photo formatting on this post is wacky. I’m going to choose to believe that having the courage to blog with minimal understanding of my own computer is part of what you love about me).

Col selected his ten favorite airplane drawings and had greeting cards printed to sell. I’d like to report that some portion of the sales are slated for his favorite charity, but alas, all profits will go towards building his personal fortune and the dream of becoming a hundredaire (lesser examined step on the way to millionaire).

If you would like to support a budding artist and purchase a set, he is selling 5-packs with envelopes for $3.50, and 10-packs with envelopes for $6.50. If you are local we can hand-deliver. If you are out of the area, we will ship. Please add an extra dollar for shipping.

To order, see fancy paypal button below (be sure to include your address), or e-mail me {sanjuandrive(at)frontier(dot)net} and we can work something less high-tech out.




Airplane Greeting Cards

16 thoughts on “artist at work”

  1. These are incredible! Col’s persistent sketching has resulted in some serious talent. What a joy to get to witness your kid’s cultivate their passions and skills!

  2. Oh my, these are fabulous! Are they all coming from visions in his head or does he have models/pics to study from? Because he captures perspective and they are all different “types”. Bravo!

    1. Andrea, he does a lot of studying of airplanes in books, but when he draws he draws from visions in his head. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

      1. Oh my, I was going to ask the same question. It’s completely amazing that he can draw these planes with such intimate knowledge of their structure, proportions, and personality!

        Col’s continuous and passionate practice is a true encouragement for me as a fellow artist :o)

        I can foresee many interesting explorations in the near future. It makes me so happy!



  3. Absolutely wonderful! In my family I have three adult kiddo artists…and I can say he definitely is talented! :) Hope he sells oodles!

  4. A budding artist and entrepreneur all at the same time – love it!

    Col, thank you for sharing your passion. May it continue to bring you joy!

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