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seven things

2014 August 6
by Rachel Turiel

1) To meet overwhelming demand (i.e. the few friends who missed the first class), I’m offering one more Edible Weeds Class. Monday, August 11th, 4-5pm. We’ll learn which common weed in your garden has Omega-3 amounts to rival flax seeds; which plant has more nutrients than spinach, though will never ask as much from you as a gardener. We’ll talk history, culture, philosophy, and we’ll sample some of my favorite weed-sponsored creations. Come hungry. $15/person, or 2 for $20. Kids welcome and free. If you’re interested, e-mail me at sanjuandrive(at)frontier(dot)net.quickie Me, teaching last edible weed class with very official hand outs.

2) Kids and I just finished and loved, The Wind in the Willows. I marveled at the beautiful language, and the kids marveled at the frequent, scandalous use of the word “ass.” We all laughed  at Toad’s antics, and appreciated how Toad was like all of us at our worst: impulsive, restless, narcissistic, and yet aware of his shortcomings and always trying to improve. Col is currently memorizing Toad’s hilarious songs as his new party trick. The last book I loved was J.K. Rowling’s mystery, Cuckoo’s Calling, (written under pseudonym Robert Galbraith). It’s everything you want in a book: fast paced, sharp dialogue, surprising, and including a cantankerous, hard-living detective.

3) Rose’s first client. Business is rolling. Rat’s a coming.quick

4) If you would like to take the canning class (August 26th 6:30 – 8) in which we’ll be making local, organic salsa, more info here. Register HERE.

5) We found the pikas! And after camping with 4 kids last weekend, I am now channeling my inner 3-year old (in the moment, eternally-awed, joyous, loving and silly), who had the best time of anyone on the trip and will remember the least. quickie2

Four kids in a field of wildflowers. I am reminded of Dorothy, Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow and Lion in the poppies, especially after Col dropped to the ground for a spontaneous rest.bolam5

6) Come back tomorrow for my nutella recipe. Guaranteed to change your life a little bit.

7) xo

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  1. Andrea permalink
    August 6, 2014

    8) official handouts?!

    9) I have Dog here, dying for someone to walk him

    10) it’s sorta killing me a little bit that We don’t live closer and are not actual friends, in real life.

  2. Chloe permalink
    August 6, 2014

    Just a quick FYI – another happy reader here. I usually browse my bookmarked websites on breaks at work, and your blog always leaves me feeling uplifted and/or interested. I really enjoy the content you come up with. Have you thought about doing some ebooks? I’d definitely be keen on your take on gardening/health/etc.

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