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Testimonials from class participants

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Let’s face it, life is tougher than ever these days and it’s so very easy to take out our frustrations on our significant other. Lucky for us to have found Rachel! She is the perfect combination of therapist, life coach and communications expert. We have the easiest time discussing our issues with her due to her innate empathy, patience and kindness. She is able to provide constructive feedback that helps us to delve deep into our issues as a couple and guide us to the best possible solutions. We recommend Rachel highly to anyone needing help with clear, empathetic, nonviolent communication!

Dr Nora K and David H, Los Angeles 2021


“My child had this to say: ‘You are SUCH a better mom now than you were before you started the class. I can’t believe how much you have changed.’ And she’s right. In particular, I have noticed that my new skills in empathetic listening have opened up really strong channels of communication and trust building. This is incredibly valuable to me right now, as we are navigating some very difficult and scary waters related to teen mental health. Like my child, I am a work in progress, but by learning these tools, and practicing them in my own unique way, I have made a tremendous amount of progress in parenting in a way that reflects my deepest values and commitments.”

Kyce Bello, Santa Fe 2021


Our entire organization recently took part in Rachel’s Compassionate Communication workshops.  The training gave us the tools and methods as well as practice to build confidence to be able to really improve our communications and understand each other much better.  Understanding our needs and being willing and active to understand the needs of those whom we work and live with is such a powerful gift/process. Rachel connected so well with our staff which includes a broad age range and diversity. She was a pleasure to work with and we will not hesitate to engage with her again in the future.

Rob Spath – Chief Executive Officer, Conservation Legacy, 2021


Your workshop, “Feedback without Criticism” that you held with us a few months ago is still resonating with the Management Staff who attended. I watch them slow their responses, think things through and express themselves in non-judgmental ways. Sometimes a tense encounter will occur but then later, the participants analyze their words in terms of what they learned in the workshop and how they might have handled the situation differently. We’ve all experienced a difference in our communications in our work environment after the workshop.

Joe  Zwiebach
General Manger
Durango Natural Foods Co-op 2021


I love working with Rachel Turiel because she helps me understand how to put myself in other peoples’ shoes, while at the same standing up for myself and getting my needs met. Throughout my life I have either allowed myself to be walked on, or I have become angry to the extreme. There is a middle path. I am learning how to find that path with Rachel. It’s not an easy process to break decades of habitual reactions and thinking, but I am committed and now believe it’s possible under her guidance.

Lizzy Scully, CEO Four Corners Guides 2021


Oh my goodness. Your instruction is so RICH! Already tried (imperfectly, of course) some of the ideas this evening.
Christina K. Durango 2020
I wanted to say thank you again for offering these two class series – they were a highlight of my summer. It was so amazing to see the tools of NVC in action & even over Zoom I could feel a ‘pressure release valve’ diffuse much of the tension in every example we explored. I left every class feeling so calm & refreshed :)
Thanks for creating such a welcoming space for us to do this with NVC.
Liara W. MA

Rachel offers such depths of compassion, empathy and skill when she facilitates a class on NVC or in private sessions.  Her commitment to acknowledging another through honest reflection is profound.  I would want her as my friend, my teacher and certainly part of my community!

Mindy I. Seattle, WA 2020


Taking an online course with Rachel in the time of Coronavirus made me realize that remote connections can be genuine and joyful!  I felt welcome and comfortable with the group which helped me share my true feelings and stories that I typically keep private.  It really met my needs to be seen and heard and now I can’t unsee how powerful it is to empathize and share yourself with strangers.
Matt T. Vermont, 2020


I want to tell you that I’ve found your class to be SO, SO valuable. It gave me profound insights into my behavior and underlying feelings. You did a fantastic job – THANK YOU!
Dr Ljuba Lemke, 2020

Rachel’s Nonviolent Communication workshops have provided us with the language, tools, and practice to shift our mindsets and  move our school community to a place of empowerment. We’ve come to realize that Nonviolent Communication is the connective tissue that holds together our trauma-informed philosophy, restorative practices, and social-emotional learning.  Rachel has reached our staff, parents, care-givers, and students giving us all a common language, and the hope to make our school and home experiences move from a place of  surviving to thriving. Our homes, schools, and communities should be places of healing and transforming and nonviolent communication is a path to just that! Rachel’s ability to connect with all ages and with people from diverse backgrounds and values makes her work powerful and change making.

Elizabeth Barszcz


Silverton Public School



In case you needed any encouragement to keep these classes going weekly, I would continue to meet indefinitely if that was ever an option. These two sessions have helped immensely! Thank you thank you. You are like the Noam Chomsky of nonviolent communication parenting- you make difficult and abstract concepts easy to understand and implement!

Laura Lindley-Gutierrez

April, 2020


“In Rachel’s workshop, Say What You Mean, I learned how to communicate to another person while taking into consideration the other person’s point of view. I also learned how to listen without giving feedback at that time or focusing on what I am going to say next without trying to alter the other persons opinion.” Dewa I. Age 12, 2019


I love working with Rachel. Her tools are so easy to work with an I have improved communication with myself and other relationships. I really appreciate her!

Shanise, Manna Culinary Program; Fall 2019


We really had a positive experience and appreciate Rachel’s time and wisdom. After completing the Connected Parenting class my husband said ”The Main thing I’m taking away from this class is realizing I have overreacted to at least 90% of our stuff! I’m done with that!” Ahhhh Music to my ears. This is going to be beneficial for our whole family. Also more helpful tools to build upon when our daughter is a teenager
Anna Lederer
Rachel sets a wonderful example for what she teaches. She has a beautiful ability to hold space for conversations to unfold and to then use the content as a teaching tool. I found the real life examples and role playing very valuable in deepening my understanding of the use of language in NVC. I hope to experience more of Rachel’s gift for teaching in future classes.
Mona Hoffman, Durango CO, 2019
You have helped us immensely!! We are looking forward to continuing to grow and learn how to be better leaders with your guidance and support!
Ryan Lowe and the Ore House Restaurant Managers, 2019

We can’t wait to do this again.  Who knew that basic listening is the tool to more compassionate communication?  Who knew that our basic needs are the birth place of our voice?  Who knew that considering a different perspective could change the dialogues we have every day?  Who knew?  The principles of non-violent communication are powerful tools that we all can use in both our personal and professional communications.  Rachel presents the elements of this concept in a very engaging, intriguing and compelling format.  She creates a secure forum for honest expression of feelings and judgements.  The tools of this approach can potentially be the key to how we begin a new narrative.  Thank you, Rachel, for your passion and persona.

Ann Morse, Executive Director Manna Soup Kitchen and The Manna Staff, 2019


We are so grateful Rachel presented her “Listening to Connect” workshop to our Sen Gen (Senior Generation) group at the dharma center recently. As we age, it’s even more important to communicate this sometime-challenging time in a compassionate and caring way. Rachel clarified how our feelings and emotions can be based in foundational human needs. Through real stories and participation, we worked through several scenarios that really hit home. It’s never too late for self-discovery! Thank you Rachel, for sharing your joyful wisdom with our community of elders.

Martha McClellan, Sen Gen Facilitator @ Durango Dharma Center, 2019

  • Rachel’s workshop was practical, giving us tools to help us achieve better communication with others.  She met us where we each were in the process.  She affirmed the challenges we each expressed and honored our needs to be passionate about what we believe.  Rachel definitely modeled what she was teaching; she walks the talk with skill and patience. I was so pleased at the turnout, the interaction, and what seemed to me to be the need for this type of skillset to put to use now and in every part of life.  – Indivisible Durango Committee Faciliators, 2019


Truth without violence or judgment is both terrifying and enlightening. To be seen and heard in this way is invaluable. Rachel embodies this wisdom and I am grateful for her presence.
– K-Lea Gifford, 2019
Being a participant in your Parenting Class is a very nourishing experience. Your physical and emotional presence in the class creates a safe, sacred container in which I could express my feelings and identify my needs beneath the surface. As we flowed through this exploration you held us all with empathy, sensitivity and encouragement. You are a gifted NVC facilitator and your passion to create the highest vision for the whole is palpable.
Joy K. 2019
“We are working on a program to house kids that have “aged out” of the foster care system without receiving a forever home. After taking Rachel’s Connected Parenting class I have a greater understanding of how to find the root need of a child and how to strategize with them to get that need met in healthy ways. I feel much more prepared for the road ahead! A tremendous Thank You to Rachel Turiel!”   –Emilie Monson, Community Organizer: Purpose Driven Project, 2019

The Yogadurango staff wanted to offer a gift to our employee team that was relevant and useful to enrich all parts of life. Rachel shared her rich experience of Non-Violent Communication and it was delivered in such an authentic, compassionate and loving way. She connected deeply with each of us in a short time and shared with us tools that we could immediately use in our lives. Within an hour of completing the workshop one of our employees communicated with us that this workshop was the most valuable employee meeting that they had ever attended. The NVC workshop was nourishing on so many levels and left us all hungry for more.

We are so grateful for you Rachel and the teaching that you share.
The Yogadurango Leadership Team, 2019
Rachel’s NVC workshop for Durango Atheists and Skeptics was both informative and inspiring. As a newcomer to NVC, I was unsure what to expect and honestly wish our group had reserved a few more hours in our session! Rachel gave us concrete tools for recognizing bad communication habits and strategies for combating them.  The art of kindness and empathy is not always easy in difficult discussions. Through Rachel’s NVC guidance, I feel I’ve made substantial steps towards greater understanding and acceptance of people with differing opinions. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel’s workshops for those looking to improve their communication skills!
Kathleen O’Connor, Durango Atheists and Skeptics, 2018
La Plata Civil Dialogue would like to thank Rachel Turiel for her guidance in training our group in using nonviolent communication techniques. Rachel’s teachings are an extremely valuable tool and resource for community organizations.
La Plata Civil Dialogue, 2018
Rachel, thanks to you and Dr. Rosenberg, my daughter and I are on a promising new level. The stimulus/response exercise really clarified for me how to approach my requests for help, and like magic our relationship is transformed.
M, Durango, CO, 2018
Rachel, I appreciate your class so much. It is enlightening and enlivening. It is a life changer for sure. Also, I appreciate how you show up with both vulnerability and leadership.
Lisa Shaw, Durango, CO, 2018
I really enjoyed the class.  Thank you.  It opened me up in areas I was not aware of or not sure how to approach.  Realizing my feelings are the result of unmet needs has enabled me to manage anger and figure out how to make an assertive request to change something that does not work.  Without alienating the other person.
Steve Galbraith, 2018
Rachel, thanks for all your help.  The way you bring the class together to learn and experience NVC really made this a practical and valuable resource for us.
Ken Rice, Durango, CO, 2018
I feel eager to practice more and learn more about NVC. I am happier when I use NVC, it’s a great asset to my relationships. I feel honored and happy that nonviolent communication has helped me to notice my feelings of being overwhelmed and given me the tools to communicate in a way that honors this feeling. Hooray!
Charlie Kiene, Durango, CO, 2018
I would like to add my voice to the chorus of “thank you’s” – To you, Rachel, for the passion, skill, and encouragement you provide as our facilitator. To you excellent classmates.  I miss you and our Thursday focus on the process.
Susan Merrill, Durango, CO, 2018


I had no idea the depth and profound change that NVC would bring. Rachel is a skilled and open-hearted teacher; and I would recommend this class for all people.

Ann Drakeley RMT, Hesperus, CO, 2018
I have learned so much and, even though class has stirred up some “mud” for me (having to look at myself and my behaviors) I’m enjoying the opportunity to step outside of all the habitual ways and take time to explore a different way of doing things. I think you model such skill and thoughtfulness in your leadership of our group and you exhibit a courage and openness that is inspiring to me.
Brenda Marshall, Bayfield, CO, 2018
This work is hard but you are a gifted teacher and communicator. You teach by doing and it is a powerful way to learn. Through the course I learned as much about my existing communication patterns that are not serving me as I did about new ways to express myself.  While I feel that I have a long way to go before I’ll be fluent in NVC, I have a heightened sense of what triggers me in conversations and that alone is a tremendous take away.  When I get that triggered feeling I try to remind myself of my other big “ah-ha” moment, which may be painfully obvious, that we all share the need to be heard.
Thank you Rachel for helping to spread the word and teach more thoughtful ways to interact with each other!  I am very grateful for the experience.
Erin M. 2018

Rachel’s Nonviolent Communication class has transformed the way I listen to others. I am more focused on discovering the underlying needs people have, even if they are communicated in a harsh or hurtful way. I dig deeper and get to what makes us all human, thus showing compassion and empathy. I am also learning how to communicate my own needs more clearly, and make reasonable requests, based on those needs.” -Megan Kinney, Durango, CO, 2018


I have heard people say that learning nonviolent communication (NVC) techniques can be life altering and I wondered if I would experience that type of impact. Now that I have taken two of Rachel Turiel’s workshops and the full 5-week series on NVC, I can emphatically state that yes, it is life altering on many levels. First and foremost, one learns to think in terms of needs and feelings that can be identified in the course of everyday communications. Once you learn and embrace the model, you will likely wince inwardly every time you fall back into old habits which is a great motivator to keep practicing.

Rachel’s experiential teaching style is very effective to educate and then practice NVC principles within a group setting. Her use of personal stories to illustrate how she has used the framework, group and individual readings, small group discussions and highly relevant practice homework assignments are all great strategies to learn how to immediately start using NVC in all your communications.

Lauren Patterson, Durango, CO, 2018


Your NVC class was very helpful and informative. It is one thing to just read the book, but so much more worthwhile to put it into action using role play and real life conflicts. I feel I learned about my strengths and weaknesses as a listener and a communicator. I have been able to take these new found NVC skills and apply them to my relationship and to my friendships creating closer meaningful connections. Thank you Rachel.

Katie Marechal, Durango, CO, 2017


I have been interested in learning more about NVC for quite some time and was fortunate enough to find an insightful and extremely skilled teacher, Rachel Turiel. She is clear and compassionate in her teaching and is passionate about sharing the skills of NVC. I have already seen a shift in how I communicate and relate to others, improving both personal and work relationships. I highly recommend taking a class from Rachel if you are lucky enough to be in her area!

Cindy Schmidt, Durango, CO, 2017
NVCis a real tool for life.  Through its practice I’ve learned to listen deeply, understand, and connect heart to heart.  NVC is a tool that I wouldn’t want to be without.  It has changed the way I experience life.
NVC and Rachel’s outstanding ability to teach it are two huge blessings in my life.  Rachel is an inspiring facilitator of NVC.  You really come away from the course knowing how to use it in your life.
Rachel supplies tons of examples from her everyday experience to clearly illustrate the concepts of NVC.  You come away knowing how to use it in your life.
Rachel is an outstanding teacher of great warmth.  Rachel has the uncanny ability to make the NVC method very usable with easy examples from everyday life.
Eileen Music, Durango, CO, 2017
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