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Feedback from NVC class participants

Rachel, I appreciate your class so much. It is enlightening and enlivening. It is a life changer for sure. Also, I appreciate how you show up with both vulnerability and leadership.
Lisa Shaw, Durango, CO
I really enjoyed the class.  Thank you.  It opened me up in areas I was not aware of or not sure how to approach.  Realizing my feelings are the result of unmet needs has enabled me to manage anger and figure out how to make an assertive request to change something that does not work.  Without alienating the other person.
Steve Galbraith
Rachel, thanks for all your help.  The way you bring the class together to learn and experience NVC really made this a practical and valuable resource for us.
Ken Rice, Durango, CO
I feel eager to practice more and learn more about NVC. I am happier when I use NVC, it’s a great asset to my relationships. I feel honored and happy that nonviolent communication has helped me to notice my feelings of being overwhelmed and given me the tools to communicate in a way that honors this feeling. Hooray!
Charlie Kiene, Durango, CO
I would like to add my voice to the chorus of “thank you’s” – To you, Rachel, for the passion, skill, and encouragement you provide as our facilitator. To you excellent classmates.  I miss you and our Thursday focus on the process.
Susan Merrill, Durango, CO


I had no idea the depth and profound change that NVC would bring. Rachel is a skilled and open-hearted teacher; and I would recommend this class for all people.

Ann Drakeley RMT, Hesperus, CO
I have learned so much and, even though class has stirred up some “mud” for me (having to look at myself and my behaviors) I’m enjoying the opportunity to step outside of all the habitual ways and take time to explore a different way of doing things. I think you model such skill and thoughtfulness in your leadership of our group and you exhibit a courage and openness that is inspiring to me.
Brenda Marshall, Bayfield, CO
This work is hard but you are a gifted teacher and communicator. You teach by doing and it is a powerful way to learn. Through the course I learned as much about my existing communication patterns that are not serving me as I did about new ways to express myself.  While I feel that I have a long way to go before I’ll be fluent in NVC, I have a heightened sense of what triggers me in conversations and that alone is a tremendous take away.  When I get that triggered feeling I try to remind myself of my other big “ah-ha” moment, which may be painfully obvious, that we all share the need to be heard.
Thank you Rachel for helping to spread the word and teach more thoughtful ways to interact with each other!  I am very grateful for the experience.
Erin M.

Rachel’s Nonviolent Communication class has transformed the way I listen to others. I am more focused on discovering the underlying needs people have, even if they are communicated in a harsh or hurtful way. I dig deeper and get to what makes us all human, thus showing compassion and empathy. I am also learning how to communicate my own needs more clearly, and make reasonable requests, based on those needs.” -Megan Kinney, Durango, CO


I have heard people say that learning nonviolent communication (NVC) techniques can be life altering and I wondered if I would experience that type of impact. Now that I have taken two of Rachel Turiel’s workshops and the full 5-week series on NVC, I can emphatically state that yes, it is life altering on many levels. First and foremost, one learns to think in terms of needs and feelings that can be identified in the course of everyday communications. Once you learn and embrace the model, you will likely wince inwardly every time you fall back into old habits which is a great motivator to keep practicing.

Rachel’s experiential teaching style is very effective to educate and then practice NVC principles within a group setting. Her use of personal stories to illustrate how she has used the framework, group and individual readings, small group discussions and highly relevant practice homework assignments are all great strategies to learn how to immediately start using NVC in all your communications.

Lauren Patterson, Durango, CO


Your NVC class was very helpful and informative. It is one thing to just read the book, but so much more worthwhile to put it into action using role play and real life conflicts. I feel I learned about my strengths and weaknesses as a listener and a communicator. I have been able to take these new found NVC skills and apply them to my relationship and to my friendships creating closer meaningful connections. Thank you Rachel.

Katie Marechal, Durango, CO


I have been interested in learning more about NVC for quite some time and was fortunate enough to find an insightful and extremely skilled teacher, Rachel Turiel. She is clear and compassionate in her teaching and is passionate about sharing the skills of NVC. I have already seen a shift in how I communicate and relate to others, improving both personal and work relationships. I highly recommend taking a class from Rachel if you are lucky enough to be in her area!

Cindy Schmidt, Durango, CO
NVCis a real tool for life.  Through its practice I’ve learned to listen deeply, understand, and connect heart to heart.  NVC is a tool that I wouldn’t want to be without.  It has changed the way I experience life.
NVC and Rachel’s outstanding ability to teach it are two huge blessings in my life.  Rachel is an inspiring facilitator of NVC.  You really come away from the course knowing how to use it in your life.
Rachel supplies tons of examples from her everyday experience to clearly illustrate the concepts of NVC.  You come away knowing how to use it in your life.
Rachel is an outstanding teacher of great warmth.  Rachel has the uncanny ability to make the NVC method very usable with easy examples from everyday life.
Eileen Music, Durango, CO