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This. Is. Happening.

2017 January 19
by Rachel Turiel

So, it turns out that between making batches of deer tallow soap and trying to discern the needs, nvc-style, behind Rose’s fierce desire for the packets of hot chocolate at the Nordic Ski Center (despite the nice little travel mug of homemade hot chocolate in her backpack), I’ve been doing a little community organizing.

Poster may be hard to read, go to RESPOND website here

The over 60 crowd are calling it a Teach In, which works for me. There will be 9 different classes addressing social, environmental and economic justice and what we can do in our own communities to peacefully bring about change. And there are 4 movement classes to keep the emotions flowing and offer balance to all the big thinking.

This is an entirely grassroots, volunteer-powered event, from the teachers, organizers, the beautiful flyer made by gaiacreative, the website made by busy high school teacher Sara Price, the classrooms donated by Smiley studio-holders, flyer-hangers, the “room liaisons” who will be making the day smooth, and the hula flash mob performing in the Smiley Cafe at 10:10 and 4:10. Yes, hula flash mob.

My friend Kati is my event co-partner, and it’s all a little hilarious and odd because we’re both passionate about making our community a better place, and we both really like to stay home and read novels. Neither of us has any extra time, and we’re both managing this whole event with our dinosauric flip phones. We went to speak with the staff for our Colorado senators last week and her baby had a little poopy blow out in the middle of a very serious discussion on climate change; the next day I was photographed by one of our local papers wearing, whoops!, my $13.99 rubber boots. Which is to say, we’re keeping it real. (Article here, boots cropped).

Hope you can come to RESPOND on Saturday. It’s free and open to all. There will be an opportunity to make donations to Durango’s Planned Parenthood, Companeros, and The Rainbow Youth Center.

Here I am apparently talking about RESPOND in front of many, many fired up ladies and not spontaneously combusting, despite my fear of public speaking. Footnote: I told Melissa Stacy, who is standing next to me talking about the Standing on the Side of Love March, that if I don’t end up making any sounds, to just grab my poster and talk for me and make it all look normal.

Yes we can.

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  1. January 19, 2017

    Thank you so very much Rachel, Kati and Melissa for working so hard and organizing all this! Not an easy thing to lift. So Bravo to all of you! I will be there, with my camera, marching along the side of all the supporters. Yesterday I met an older gentleman who lives in Aztec. He is going to march and is bringing a few dozens of his friends. This is AWESOME! I am very much looking forward to attending some classes, and taking advantage of the opportunity to donate.

  2. John Schiffel permalink
    January 19, 2017

    It feels so good to laugh! Sincere thanks for helping to spread a sense of humor through this whole endeavor, Rachel. Big smiles…

  3. Susan S permalink
    January 19, 2017

    This just about the frippin-frappin most fantasticest thing I have ever seen. I do SO wish I could be there, but I will be with you in spirit and I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing how it

  4. shadymama permalink
    January 20, 2017

    tomorrow!!! can’t wait. (also – ah, you. and yer dinosaur phone and yer novels. such an honor to help shoulder the load.) xo

  5. January 20, 2017

    Bless you, Rachel, & best wishes! xox

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