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How the 1980’s keep giving

2013 December 10
by Rachel Turiel


The mesmerizing force of the album The Best of Blondie. Col spins methodically, rhythmically, with a bow on his shoulder. Rose insists tape deck is placed right outside bathroom door.

In the afternoons, when it’s too cold to go outside, I tame the kids with my 1980’s cassette recording of The Best of Blondie. The kids get totally quiet and focused. It’s almost like music appreciation class, where you put all your powers towards listening, interpreting the deep meaning behind the lyrics. Luckily no one has wanted to dissect the meaning behind track 4: In the Flesh. Rose is pretty certain the hit “Call me” is actually “Hot Lee.”

They’re learning to operate the tape deck, making another deposit in the bank of skills that will not be so helpful in the future job market. I am breathing, just continuing to breathe for 45 minutes of New Wave bliss. Thank you, Debbie Harry.

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