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Good idea #3: kid poem becomes art

2013 March 8
by Rachel Turiel

When Col was 5 he wrote a lovely poem, as children are likely to do, given that between their ears dwell rainbows and butterflies and certainty that the world is a magical place full of ice cream and snuggles and smiling yellow dandelion faces.

For 3 years, this hand-scrawled poem was taped to our bedroom wall on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of scratch paper. At some point, someone under 4 feet tall came along with scissors and snipped the edges of the paper. The sun reached in and faded it. This was no way to treat a good poem.

Recently, we decided to turn it into art.

First, Col painted the background with a swirl of light, watery watercolors.


Second, he wrote out his poem in a black sharpie (after the watercolor was completely dry).


Third, we found a thrift store frame and put it up.


And that’s what we call art, ’round here.



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