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This Moment

2011 June 10
by Rachel Turiel

{this moment}

This Moment:  A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember via Soulemama

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  1. June 10, 2011

    not sure why, but that looks as if it could be a mommy and dan tent…add a few candles a bottle of wine, a sleepover for the young ‘uns….. just a thought….

    have a great weekend!

  2. Kathy permalink
    June 10, 2011

    A comment might break the peace…

    I can smell the tang of the pines, hear the soughing of their branches, the soft padding of footfall on the path. A bird calling here and there, the heat of the day as the sun rises across the edge of the cliffs. And the silence, in spite of the natural sounds of the mountain top.

    Wish I was there.

    • June 10, 2011

      My thoughts exactly, though I couldn’t have expressed them so beautifully.

      Rachel, only your family would take a deer skin rug camping. I love it. Happy weekend!

      • 6512 and growing permalink*
        June 10, 2011

        Actually, it was a surprise. Dan set it up. It was my birthday – so an extra special touch from a thoughtful guy.

  3. June 10, 2011

    That makes me want to crawl right in with a good book and an iced latte. Love that it’s camping time!

  4. June 10, 2011

    Home sweet home!

    Happy weekend!

  5. June 10, 2011

    perfect. tell about the skin…did you tan it yourself? mine so far have always turned out hard and stiff. next time i shall try the tannin dips. x

    • 6512 and growing permalink*
      June 10, 2011


      Dan tans all the hides of the deer and elk he kills, traditional style…with brains and liver and some serious labor. He’s working on an elk hide right now, maybe I’ll share a bit about it in an upcoming post.

      Growing children at 6512 feet:

  6. June 10, 2011

    Love the juxtaposition of nylon and hide.

  7. June 10, 2011

    so peaceful…definitely a moment to mark.

    Here’s mine:

  8. June 10, 2011

    oh…so envious – that looks absolutely serene.

  9. June 10, 2011

    wow, super duper awesome birthday treat. happy birthday, mama! many happy returns of the day! :)

  10. June 10, 2011

    Um, I totally love how *deer skin rug* is a posting category. Can’t wait to go camping. We have plans in a few weeks. It’ll really feel like summer then.

  11. Emily permalink
    June 10, 2011

    Happy Birthday!

  12. June 10, 2011


  13. abozza permalink
    June 10, 2011

    Looks like an incredible way to spend a Friday night!!!

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